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  1. Loving the Podcast. Just listened to every episode over the weekend. Please keep it up.

    I totally agree that cannon is the books and GRRM’s own words, but do you think you will address the TV show at any point? For example, how the show may be providing clues as to the direction of future books?

  2. I really like your analyses. I’ve had a thought that I haven’t seen on any threads. Is Gendry uncovering the secret to making Valerian steel when he kills Biter? He worked for Tobho Mott. Mott knew the spells that Valerian steel makers used. All Valerian magic is rooted in blood or fire. Death for life. When Biter and company show up at the inn, Gendry is making himself a sword. He is banging away at it as he talks to the Maid of Tarth. Then as Brienne passes out, she sees Biter’s long, then tongue (Gendry’s sword). We have the legend of Azor Ahai, and know that his sword was tempered by blood through death. Discuss….. No, seriously, if you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them. Please feel free to take the idea if it lights the spark with you or any of your friends. Thanks, Janice Hill

  3. I love the podcasts and the efforts. I’d like to know what your think of this theory (or atleast parts of it) >>

    And also the idea that it might be significant if ‘Arthur’ Dayne actually killed his own ‘unknown older brother’ knowingly. Or what if ‘The Smiling Knight’ really wanted the blade ‘ Dawn’ and thus his own death. Since he wasn’t the ‘Sword of the Morning’, he chose to ‘try’ or ‘sacrifice’… This could be explained as a ruse. But could also point to stronger links between the The Kingswood Brotherhood and the Brotherhood without Banners in connection with either the protection or the battle over the sword’Dawn’ (aka Lightbringer aka excalibur).

    It would indeed bind things together in a very Arthurian way. And what we don’t really know is where Ashara is (she does a very good job as ‘Lady of the Lake’, who is assumed ‘jumped from a tower’ -which is very tarot, and tying in with the Bran symbolism of towers, and the grail too- and all that just after ‘receiving a seemingly important important sword’ – which might have needed protection).

    Nicely pointed out in the above theory is the possible importance of Ashara and Arthur, In Relation to R+L=J, but we see a few other persons that might become immensely important. And that become more intertwined through this. Trough all the books.

    Bloodraven, (as Merlin, the fighting dragon wizard), who was around a lot of most of the really important events (even when he wasn’t).

    Duncan The Tall, who was around in the time of Aegon and seems to have ‘perished’ with him ‘trough fire’… but who seems to have a connection with … Brienne ‘Gallahad’ of Tarth.

    This could also leave speculation to Duncan The Tall (as Lancelot the First Knight) + Bertha Blackwood, or a more interesting variation… Duncan the Tall + Shaera (or Rhaelle), which might give Brienne Targaryen blood too, and thus a bloodlink as well to the Iron Throne… and on top of that may become even more important than the obvious choice… Dany (who seems to be quite lost… and also get influences from a lot of ‘God of Light’ related folk.)

    But this also might tie in why there is symbolic and historic connection, but also friction, between the crannogmen (closer to the celtic traditions of the wood, and thus too the ‘children of the forest’, the reachmen (a seamingly more ‘chivalrus’ depiction of the same natural elements, but often more domesticated), but also with the ‘Kingswood Brotherhood’ and the Brotherhood without Banners. These four seem to bear some strong resemblences, but also some very sharp differences (and remember that especially the last 2 seem to have a ‘firepriest’ and an already ‘ressurected’ amognst them).

    This last remark might also be a good reason to take another close look to the ‘absence’ of Ashara, ‘Dawn’ and Arthur.

    It also poses questions around the importance of characters like Edric Dayne and Gerold ‘Darkstar’, who do not nescesarilly are that ‘good’…

    and wether ‘the God of Light’ is all that good.

    • Hi there, and thanks! Sure I can recommend (a few) good books! If you haven’t read the Dunk & Egg stories and other Westeros related material start there of course. It’s also worth dipping into GRRM’s backlist. I highly recommend “Dying of the Light” and “Fevre Dream”, though both are quite different from ASoIaF, and from each other. Read his short stories too- I’ve yet to find one I didn’t enjoy. If you’re looking for fantasy series, try authors like Brandon Sanderson, Pat Rothfuss, Robin Hobb, Joe Abercrombie and the three Terrys– Pratchett, Brooks and Goodkind. And in my opinion, no bookshelf is complete without Neil Gaiman. Try “American Gods” or “Neverwhere” to start. Pretty soon you may find that you own everything he’s ever written 🙂

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